The Doorknob, 2022

An artwork by Sanghyeok Lee.

concept by —
sanghyeok lee

directed by —
sanghyeok lee
ewan waddell

written by —
sanghyeok lee
ewan waddell

curator —
jihyeon song

producer —
zachary foote

cast —
as rosette, kardelen deniz kars
as spring, eneko sanz

director of photography —
alfredo la corte

assistant director
zoe valentini

editor —
sanghyeok lee
andrea crisci

production design —
weekend agency

artistic direction support —
asako shiroki

gaffers —
alfgerdour malmqvist
alan dresti

hair and makeup —
sarah latendorf

graphics —
jeonghoon han

location supported by —
Record Culture Magazine, Berlin, Germany

rug supported by —

music —
Just Like a Doorknob
Written/Performed by Touché
Courtesy of Best Records, Italy.
Original released in 1983
remastered in 2022 for the film.

special thanks to —
Amalie Vilslev Juelsgaar, Kasper Palsnov, Mille Breyen Hauschildt, Karl Henkell, Curtis Barber, Radim Pesko (AA Gothic typeface), Marco Puerto, Aylin Kayser, Franziska Wernicke, Vera Kox, Asako Shiroki, Sowa Lee and their families.

sponsored by —
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

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서울특별시, 서울문화재단
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an artwork by
Sanghyeok Lee